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At Corbin-Hillman Communications, we are client focused. Services are customized to the needs of our clients. We do not believe in "cookie-cutter" solutions. Each client is unique and requires personal attention. We do not have bureaucratic layers that impede decision-making. Our individualized approach means that each client receives the solutions and services appropriate for its budget as well as its goals. We always respect our client's bottom line. Our mission is to deliver results that exceed our client's expectations.

Our offices in New York and Milan and our international affiliates are available to serve our clients with global services.

We provide an extensive menu of services as listed below. Not all are necessary for every client. From our available resources, our team can tailor a program to fit each account's budget and goals. We can design a new product launch, polish up the image of a classic brand, plan media strategy, organize a special promotion or event, convince the press to take notice, secure product placement, train executives to handle media effectively, link your product to an appropriate celebrity and add special touches to make each project a winner. Using strategic thinking and professional expertise, we create the concepts and handle the campaigns to deliver your media message effectively. No project is small. Every client is a challenge. We always apply all our talents and resources to achieving results for each client.


  1. Awards/Celebrity Gift Baskets
  2. Blogging
  3. Social Networking
  4. Guerrilla Marketing
  5. Celebrity Sponsorships
  6. Charity links and events
  7. Consumer Events
  8. Co-Op Promotions
  9. Film & Television Product Placement
  10. In-Store Promotions
  11. Media Training
  12. New Product Development
  13. Press Kit Development
  14. Press Release Development
  15. Retail Marketing
  16. Satellite and radio media tours
  17. Special Events
  1. Speech Writing
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Media Planning
  4. Media List Development
  5. Media Relations
  6. Print, Television, Radio and Online Publicity
  7. National Publicity
  8. International Publicity
  9. Local/Regional Publicity
  10. Business Press
  11. Consumer Press
  12. Trade Press
  13. Product Placement
  14. Media Tours
  15. Press Conferences
  16. Product Introductions
  17. Video news releases

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